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Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary

The “Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary” presents a touching and emotional story about Elijah’s death after his father unbelievably shook him to death. It is heart-rending to listen as Emily Fisher describes losing her only son. The story told with pain, love, and regret easily brings me to my knee...

Psychology 3 Pages

Cognitive Impairments In Criminal Proceedings

The issue of cognitive impairment or mental retardation has been raised in research as a factor affecting and compounding the legal need as well as hindering its resolution.The sources of cognitive impairment include dementia, intellectual disability, mental illness, illness, substance abuse, and...


The Reign Of David

The reign of David marked the beginning of what can be described as the golden age of Israel. Notably, David was a powerful king who governed the tribes of Israel. In particular, David forged the tribes of Israel into forming a unified nation. King David was remarkably multitalented and obedient....


Jesus In His Life And Teaching.

By anyone’s account, Jesus is the most significant person to ever live in the world.[1]He has influenced more lives and a lot has been written about him than any other person in the history of the world. The purpose of this paper is to highlight on the life of Jesus in a cultural context. This pa...


Self Reflective

There is an increasing need for practical ideas and knowledge about preparing teachers for English Language Learners. In particular, teachers may tend to judge these students as they struggle with learning and assume that they have a cognitive delay. However, the students are just struggling with...



I believe that the first step in any communication is to get the other party hear you out. The other party can be a friend, furious customer, cynical colleague, an overwhelmed spouse, or a skeptical neighbor. In most cases, the listener’s emotional barriers may block the message. As a result of t...

Philosophy 5 Pages

The Problem Of Evil Is...

People believe in the existence of a powerful and omnipresent God. However, this belief is challenged by the existence of suffering and evil in the world. For centuries, the problem of evil has been a recurrent issue for theologians and philosophers. As a matter of fact, theists have in the past ...

English 101 4 Pages

Learning To Accept Myself And Embrace My Weaknesses

Learning to Accept Myself and Embrace my Weaknesses There are the times when I sit alone and tend to rewind my life as a tape. I review my decisions and consequences that came with them. More often, I smile at my achievements. I tell myself, “I knew I would make it. I knew that would work. Wo...

History 2 Pages

How Far Have We Come

There are many ways that the United States has made tremendous progress in realizingequalityfor all Americans. However, there are still some areas in which there is more to be done.Since 1987, America has passed immigration laws that have made it easier for the immigrants to gain their citizenshi...

Music 2 Pages

Comparing Musicians

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)became famous outside the born place ofEisenach. siding genius of the Romantic Movement in music work. In the modern sense of orchestra, Liszt was the first orchestra master. Liszt worked in the very place where J.S. Bach had worked earlier, and this acted as an e...

English 101 4 Pages

A Straight Talk About The ‘N Word’

“Why can’t I walk where a cab dropped me off to my apartment without somebody yelling the N-word at me?” It has become a cliché. This is now the straight talk, a talk of what people fear to mention openly; leave alone putting down on paper; well, I did it; President Obama uses it too; the N-word ...

Ethics 2 Pages

Rituals And Festivals

Speaking to Xi, one of my friends with whom we live in the same neighborhood, I have learned quite a number of things about the Chinese culture. Primarily, the Chinese culture is known to be one among the oldest cultures in the world, covering an extensive geographical region across the eastern p...


Between Life And Death

Undoubtedly, the most complex piece of work done by Robert Motherwell (1915–1991), is“Between Life and Death,” an artwork that conveys a deep-rooted message. It is based on the life experiences and tales that RobertMotherwell heard during his mid-life career development. “Between Life and Death”i...


Bones Scission

A bone fracture is a crack or break in a bone that occurs when the force exerted against the bone is stronger than it can structurally withstand. Particularly, the most common sites for bone fractures are the ankle, hip, and wrist (Ignatavicius et al. 1056). Bone fractures in adults are different...

English 101 5 Pages

Self Reliance

Self-reliance is an essay by an American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. The essay contains a clear statement of Emerson’s recurrent theme. The author encourages the need for a person to avoid false consistency and conformity. Conversely, an individual should rely on one’s judgment, capabilities...

English 101 7 Pages

Risks Taken By The Writers

The article “Daddy Issues: Why Caring for My Aging Father Has Me Wishing He Would Die” was written by Sandra Tsing Loh. The post was published in the Atlantic Magazine issue of March 2012. The article discusses the issues faced while caring for an elderly person. Further, the author expresses how...

English 101 3 Pages

Language And History Change

The history and change of Spanish highlight the conceived account of the internal development of the language. Further, the history involves a discussion of how Spanish phonology, vocabulary, morph-syntax, and the meanings of words have evolved. In other words, there is a historical grammar of th...

Management 6 Pages

Developing Yourself As An Effective Team Member

A team is a group of people with a set of complementary skills and knowledge required to complete a project, job, or task. Team members operate with high levels of interdependence. Furthermore, they share the responsibility for self-management. They are accountable for the collective performance ...


Essay On Islam And Multiculturalism

Islam and Multiculturalism At its core, Islam prohibits freedom of religion. However, this freedom is considered as a core principle of multiculturalism. There are few churches in Saudi Arabia, which is home to Mecca, at the center of Islam. Additionally, Catholicism is barred from being prac...


Japanese Work Ethics Versus American Work Ethics

The Japanese work ethics could explain the thriving economy in Japan. However, the same thing can’t be said to the employees’ personal lives. There are strong indications that despite Japan being a flourishing economy there is an emerging concern that could work against it. According to the docum...

Business Studies 11 Pages

The Challenges Of Implementing Financial Controls In Sm Es

The Challenges of Implementing Financial Controls in SMEs Abstract Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are among the most promising investment sectors of any economy. In fact, economies aiming at boosting their GDP growth need to reinvest in their SMEs and implement strategic management sys...

Business Studies 11 Pages

Importance Of Auditing Practices In Sm Es Financial Performance

Importance of Auditing Practices in SMEs Financial Performance Research Thesis: The poor adherence to auditing practices in SMEs explains their weak financial performance. Abstract Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are among the most promising investment sectors of any economy. In fac...

Management 6 Pages

A Research Proposal On The Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and their Influence on Customers and InvestorsIntroductionThe business world has had an increasing interest in sustainability over the recent years. Due to this fact, businesses as well as individuals have had a growing awareness of the effect their acti...

IT, Web 8 Pages

Toy Cart Software

Introduction Pets are used by people all over the world. The increased technology has lead to scientists and engineers making a copy of the animals in the name of robots. Dogs have been used as robots and have been made by different companies especially Sonny. In ten years time, researchers ha...

Psychology 2 Pages

Attitude And Its Components

Attitude and its Components We all have strong opinions concerning an issue, be it political, social or economic beliefs, we all tend to take sides. Similarly, we develop a certain liking or disliking for issues and people. These opinions have an impact on our attitudes in that they act as inf...