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History 8 Pages

American Foreign Policy​

American Foreign Policy Every government has a function of conducting relations with other countries. The United States is not exempt from this. Every country is sovereign and possesses authority over its territories. Theoretically, all sovereign states are equal. The foreign policy of a count...

Philosophy 6 Pages

Should Cigarettes Be Banned?

Should cigarettes be banned?Declaring a ban on consumption of a substance means that it has been put off the markets of that country and the citizens cannot have a legal access to it anymore. This is to say consumption of that substance is not anymore permitted within the jurisdiction of that cou...


"The Effects Of Designer Babies On The Society"

"The effects of Designer Babies on the Society" Initially, the term designer babies were not a common term in people’s minds since it was not clear as to how a baby can be designed according to the descriptions of the parents. However, with the introduction of biotechnologies, there has been t...

English 101 8 Pages

Cosmetic Surgery: Reasons And Consequences

Plastic surgery has recently increased in popularity, in America, and the whole world. It has the potential of making a person get better looks and pride in appearance. A successful surgery can add some confidence that translates into huge improvement steps in life. Many people are, therefore, se...

Marketing 12 Pages

Service Marketing : Service Encounter Journal

Terms of reference This work was done by..............a student of European Business School London. The date due for this assignment is.................and will be presented to......................; I have analyzed 4 major encounters both from London and outside the city using various constru...


Why Did Wto Replace Gatt

International trade regulation is a mechanism of determining the way international trade is conducted, that is, how imports and exports are traded. It is a mechanism of bringing traders together in a uniform trading environment with rules and regulations, as well as dispute resolution mechanisms....


M Tor And Rapamycin

Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a protein that is naturally found in mammals’ cells, mostly in humans, and its main responsibility are the regulation of cell growth, survival of cells, motility of cells, transcription and synthesis of protein. mTOR is very crucial determinant of the rate ...

Marketing 4 Pages


A few years ago, integration of social media to the corporates was strange. That facade, however, has been changed. It has been embraced in marketing fast, far more than anyone expected. It’s simple nature also has gone a long way helping it in win admiration from both marketers and potentia...



On December 6th 2013, I made a visit to Muslim Association of Hawaii Masjid, which is located at address 1935 Aleo Place at 9.35am and upon my arrival, I could see some aspects of difference in the way the parking lot was designed and its size; it was much bigger than the ones I had seen in place...

Communications 2 Pages

Communicating Through The Web

Development communication is an art of using communication in facilitating the process of social change. It is where communication is used as an art of driving the community through the goals, and objectives and bringing people together for development. It involves bringing all the stakeholders t...

History 8 Pages

Rome In The East & Rome And The Arabs

The wars between Sassanid Persia and the Roman Empire were fought over many centuries. The war was begun by pro-Roman revolts in the Caucasus areas that were under the hegemony of Persians. The Roman Empire was placed between the Persians and the Avars in the west while the Persian Empire was pla...

History 1 Page

Civil Rights Movement

Every time a society feels deprived of their rights, they come out all guns to fight for them. This is what we call crusading for civil rights. Civil rights go from the labor rights, marriage to the most complex situations of racism and policies against other communities. The crusade for human ri...

Economics 1 Page

Marginal Social Cost

Marginal social cost refers to the cost to the whole society coming through the production of an extra unit or after taking of one action in a place’s economy. The total cost is derived from not just the cost of producing the units by the producer, but also, the cost that producing the unit had o...


Technological Change And Short Run Cost Curves

Various factors play to make the production cost go steadily upwards or steadily downwards. What matters are the factors of production such as land, means of production, and units to in production by the means available as well as the technological advancement in the means used in production.

Economics 2 Pages

Unemployment In The Us

Unemployment is an important topic in economics nowadays. What is unemployment? Why is unemployment rampant? Is it a permanent problem? Unemployment is the situation that involves a person being unable to produce, or earn a living. The problem of unemployment is very rampant and spread in the wor...

History 2 Pages

An African American Immigrant To Canada

An African-American Immigrant to Canada Migrations are prevalent in the current world same way they have been in the ancient times. Africans have been moving to nations such as America in search for better living conditions. After massive migrations to America, the challenges did not end ...

Health Care 1 Page

What Are The Causes Of Tinnitus And Its Effects

Reflection Paper on Tinnitus Course The article is an investigation to understand how noise exposure on workers causes tinnitus, which is a ringing and buzzing effect on the head and ears and may result in disability in later years (Langguth et al.). Tinnitus is associated with noise, but...

IT, Web 1 Page

Apple And Samsung Facts Sheet

Apple and Samsung Facts Sheet Apple and Samsung are both electronics companies, but they have operations and mission statements that differentiate their ways of doing business. The different mission statements and operations bring a difference in their modes of marketing and customer satis...

Health Care 1 Page

U.S. Systems For Health Care Delivery

Health Care Delivery Systems The earliest health care scheme in the United States of America started in 1854, by the governmental Bill, which gave asylums to the people of unsound mind, blind, and those with hearing challenges using the federal regulations. The bill was passed by both hous...

Composition 3 Pages

A Visit To The White House

A Visit to the White House The visit took place on 6th February 2016. It was an honor to visiting the White House, where the United States President lives and houses his family and some of the governmental officers and servicemen. My tour was scheduled to last for one hour, but I was luck...


Americans Going Solo

Americans Going SOLO Sixty years ago in the U.S, just 22% adults were living single, but in the current times, more than 50% adults are single. People who are living alone in The U.S make up to 28% of households; hence, it is a more common trend compared to the other forms of domestic unit...


Core Roles Of The Current U.S President?

A President acts as the head of state and has various powers accorded to him or her. Some of the functions of the presidents are Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief of the party, chief legislator, and the primary guardian of the economy among others. ...


How To Study Efficiently For Exams

How to Study Efficiently for Exams Many students worldwide have issues when dealing with exams. Students find the exams challenging, and this can be attributed to poor study habits and negative attitude towards exams. Examinations are meant to test a student’s level of understanding of th...

Management 2 Pages

Lean Manufacturing In American Plants

Lean Manufacturing in American Plants Lean manufacturing is the logical format utilized to eliminate wastes when a manufacturing system is taking place. Lean considers all the wastes that are due to unevenness in workload and overburdening and eliminates them (Rosen). The primary aim of l...


Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

Why the Rich are Getting Richer According to Robert Reich, the gap that has existed between the rich and the poor people is widening. The rich people are amassing more wealth while the poor are losing the little they have to the wealthy individuals. The article is used to e...