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Economics 4 Pages

Smoking And Its Effects Pt. 2

Final Paper Q#2:If the government imposes a tax, how will it know how big the impact is likely to be on smoking?if the government imposes a tax, it can easily track the number of smokers by use of tax calculations. The measurement of smoking impacts would also be done by assessing the number of c...

Tourism 5 Pages

How To Attract And Keep Skilled Leaders When There Is A Seasonal Shortage Of Work

How to Attract and Keep Skilled Leaders When There Is a Seasonal Shortage of WorkIntroductionAttracting and retaining a skilled workforce was once only an issue for some isolated markets, but it is slowly penetrating into other industries and becoming a global challenge. Factors such as wage leve...


Smoking And Its Effects On The Economy

Smoking and Its Effects on the EconomyHow Much Smoking Is Costing the Economy?Smoking is the leading cause of many of the preventable ailments and premature deaths in the United States and also globally. It has high health and economic related costs to the affected individuals, employers as well ...


Oil Prices: What’s Behind The Drop? Simple Economics

Oil Prices: What’s Behind the Drop? Simple EconomicsTaxes:a contribution to state revenuesDemand:willingness of a consumer to pay for a specific product or serviceSupply:Total amount of goods or services available to consumersEquilibrium Price:A point where the supply of goods or services meets t...

English 101 5 Pages

Heather Henyon

Heather HenyonHeather Henyon is one of the most influential Arab women entrepreneurs in the Middle East. She is the managing partner and founder of Balthazar Capital, a micro investment firm in the Middle East. Henyon is also the founder of Women’s Angel Investment Network (WAIN), which has gaine...


To What Extent Popular Culture Driven By Industralisation

IntroductionPopular culture is an important aspect of life in every society defining the way people dress, eat, interact, and the beliefs they uphold. It is the popular culture that defines people in one society and makes them unique from any other society. To begin with, industrialization is the...


Improving Global Governance On Corruption

1.0 Executive SummaryThe performance of many governments in the world has been hampered by corruption by a few individuals in government. Corruption is the reason for underdevelopment in many countries and has been a source of poor governance. The policy paper is based on the strategies and polic...

Composition 6 Pages

Not Anyone Should Attend College

Not Anyone Should Attend CollegeThe definition of a good education is a mystery to many people. Some people argue that having a master’s degree in a particular field is having good education. On the other hand, there are others who argue otherwise. Attending college has become a formality for man...

Education 4 Pages

Report Assessing The Feasibility Of Different Techniques Of Providing Fresh Water To Arid Regions

IntroductionProvision of fresh water in the arid areas has been a matter of concern for many states. In most arid and semi-arid areas, there is high demand and less supply of fresh water which can expose the people living in the areas to hazardous situation due to consumption of impure water. Man...

Composition 4 Pages

Essay On Generosity As A Virtue

VirtueGenerosity is that virtue of giving and sharing. A person gives freely without expecting anything in return. It is the virtue that prevents people from getting tied down by concerns about their possessions. It deals with sharing money or its equivalents such as clothing, shelter and food, a...


Hilary Clinton As The Next President Of The Us

Hilary Clinton as the Next President of the USThe United States has experienced dramatic changes in its political structure over the years. This followed the election of president Obama, an African American, to head the highest office in the land. For the first time in history, the country was un...


The 2011 Film (Bad Teacher )

Film SummaryThe film opens with Miss Halsey engaged to a rich guy whom she does not love but leeches on due to his riches. Afterwards, she is dumped and has to return to her teaching career. This is an occupation that she neither had interest in or talent for, something that influences her to spe...


Environmental Imperative As It Relates To Green Citizen Experience

Question #1:The nine planetary boundaries include:Stratospheric ozone depletionThe release of novel entities and chemical pollutionExtinctions and biodiversity lossAcidification of oceansClimate changeLand system changeThe global hydrological cycle and fresh water consumptionPhosphorus and nitrog...


Industry Creation Report: Online Payments

An online payment is one of the most common technologies of the modern times. The technology has been available in the market since the 1990s, though its uptake was slow until the increase of internet access by households in the 21st century. From that time henceforth, many individuals and busine...

Psychology 2 Pages

A Presentation On "Issues Adolescent Health"

The World Health Organization defines adolescence as the period of life beginning from ten years to nineteen years (DiClemente, Santelli, & Crosby, 2009).The human body at this stage is characterized by social, emotional, and intellectual changes that define the behavior and well-being of adolesc...


Applying Ethical Decision Making Models To Guerrilla Government

Ethical Issue identified in the “Guerrilla Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office” case studyThe ethical issue identified in the case is the strategic use of tactics aimed to circumvent the legal policies already established, as well as the misuse of agency funds. The first and third adminis...

IT, Web 2 Pages

Disruptive Technology Solution That Will Solve An Outstanding Business Need In An Innovative Way.

Shark Tank EntrepreneursFinding parking slots in the big cities have become a major problem in the recent years. Traditionally, this was a problem associated with developed cities, but it is proving even more cumbersome to come by a parking space within the city centers of both medium and larger ...


Essay Using Selected Words

General EssayIn law, tort is a wrongful act that causes harm to a person, if the person performing the act wrongly intended to perform the action this is known as intentional tort. An Intentional tort can take many forms like, assault which means threatening injury to someone, and is differentiat...

IT, Web 2 Pages

Linux Operating System (Os)

Linux Operating System (OS)Linux open source operating system is a free distributable and cross-platform OS that is Unix based and is install-able on laptops, personal computers, video games consoles, supercomputers, servers, mobile, and tablet devices. It is packaged as a Linux distribution for ...

IT, Web 5 Pages

Internet Frauds

Internet FraudsIn the current world, the internet has become widespread and is used by more than three-quarters of the population. People are motivated to use the internet due to its speed and availability of crucial information. Internet is being utilized for personal communications and cooperat...

Communications 2 Pages

Reasons That Facebook Does Not Work In China

Reasons that Facebook does not work in ChinaSocial media has emerged as one of the commonly used forms of communication in the world. People prefer social media since you can communicate from any location depending you have an internet connection. The media makes it simple to communicate because ...

IT, Web 1 Page

Computer Software

Computer SoftwareChapter three focuses on computer software. There is distinctive differentiation of the software utilized for the normal functioning of a computer. Protection software such as antivirus is used to ensure computers remain safe and secure. Productivity software facilitates in compu...

Technology 5 Pages

Compare/Contrast Between Spiral And Waterfall

Compare/Contrast between Spiral and WaterfallIntroductionSoftware development is the process undertaken in computer programming, producing the documentations, testing and fixing bugs during the process of creating and maintaining frameworks and applications that are involved in the software lifec...


American Presidents And Their Military Training

American PresidentsVarious US presidents had military training and had ranks that at times were useful in engaging in wars. In US, the president is the commander of all the forces and instructs on various military battles. A president with military training is better placed to give commands to th...


Ways In Which American Revolution Was Democratic

Ways in which American Revolution was DemocraticAmerican Revolution was the only one of its kind and significant event, which formed profound changes and had an insightful impact on associations of the world, based on an ever-increasing belief in the central idea of clarification, which was refle...