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 No page numbering 4 references 1 reference being the book of essentials of oceanography seventh edition. Must include a conclusion sentence with a statement: THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT I LEARNED ABOUT THIS TOPIC IS . minimum 4 pages double spaced font 12


Title: Zooplankton
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A key aim of oceanographic research is to comprehend the ecological response to physical forces. Understanding of this response is vital in the assessment of the potential impacts of global climate change on marine ecosystems. The impact of water-column stability on vertical mixing and nutrient flux to the euphotic zone has a weighty effect on the force and degree of primary production, which in turn provides the energy driving pelagic and benthic ecosystems. Zooplanktons play a major role in this ecosystem as they are the food base of the oceans. The planktons are normally microscopic in size and they tend to drift freely in the oceans and seas depending on the currents. 

However, not all zooplanktons are microscopic in size; some such as the jellyfish are larger and vary in size. Zooplanktons occupy the pelagic zone of the oceans that is the upper part of the ocean and this is because their food source is located in this area of the ocean. Notably, they feed on various types of foods including bacterioplankton, phytoplankton, other zooplanktons or detritus which are better known as marine snow (Morrissey and James 21). One of the most important aspects of zooplanktons to the ocean’s ecosystem is that they form the base for most marine food webs and, without them, the ocean would be dead.


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