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Zoo Activity
Anthropology 8 Pages

Zoo Activity


A behavior profile is a study technique that allows two or more species of animals to be compared in a zoo environment. The purpose of this assignment is to observe the physical characteristics, types of behaviors and frequency of behaviors of three kinds of primates (three different species NOT three different individuals).


Title: Zoo Activity
Length: 8 pages (1100 Words)
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The paper will focus on three primates in terms of their behavior and the relationship they have with high order animals such as humans. Some of the commonly known primates include human beings, apes, and monkeys. While they exhibit the same characteristics because they belong to the same family, Hominidae, they also show different features because they belong to different species. The three primates to be discussed in this discourse include chimpanzee, squirrel monkey, and the kikuyu-colobus monkey. 

The chimpanzee belongs to the ape species and is a native of central and western Africa. Belonging to the family Hominidae and genus Pan, the scientific name of the chimpanzee is Pan troglodytes. Its common name is the chimpanzee. The squirrel monkey, on the other hand, belongs to the family named Cebidae and the genus is Saimiri. The scientific name of this animal is Saimiri. Its common name is the squirrel monkey while it can also be known as deaths head monkey. The Kikuyu Colobus belongs to the subfamilyknown as Colobinae and the genus is Colobus. Its scientific name is Colobus guereza. Just like the other species, the Kikuyu colobus has many subspecies.


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