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Zika Virus


Writing Task:  Write a four-stage academic problem-solution text that presents:

  1. The background of a problem (Situation)
  2. The problem itself (Problem)
  3. A solution (or partial solution) to the problem (Solution)
  4. An evaluation of the solution (Evaluation)

In choosing the topic of your problem solution text, you need to focus on an issue that can be discussed academically within 400-500 words.  Choose a specific real world, social or theoretical problem related to your disciplinary studies.  Use your research to guide your discussion of a solution.


Title: Zika Virus
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


            Zika disease outbreak is a public health concern linked to birth defects. The causative agent for Zika disease is the Zika virus and is mainly spread though bites from mosquitos of Aedes species. Among the symptoms of the disease include rash, red eyes (conjunctivitis), joint pan, and fever (The Atlantic, 2016). The symptoms are usually mild and last for several days after an infected mosquito bites a person. Death as a result of the disease is rare. Among the most affected regions include Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. The U.S has issued a travel advisory as a way of containing the spread. . In May 2015, Brazil witnessed its first Zika disease case. Five instances of the disease have been reported in this Caribbean Island nation (Regan, 2016).


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