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Zeyheria Tuberculosa: Antimicrobial Activity And The Brine Shrimp Toxicity.


Review the article in 2 pages only. The parts of the article I want you to focus on it are: introduction, materials and methods( General experimental procedures, plant material, preparation of the extracts and isolation of the constituents, antimicrobial assays, bioautography assay), The result ( Antimicrobial activity, phytochemical investigation, Discussion, conclusion.

The Article: Studies on the antimicrobial activity and brine shrimp toxicity of Zeyheria tuberculosa (Vell.) Bur. (Bignoniaceae) extracts and their main constituents.


Title: Zeyheria Tuberculosa: Antimicrobial Activity And The Brine Shrimp Toxicity.
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Zeyheria Tuberculosa: Antimicrobial Activity and the Brine Shrimp Toxicity.


In everyday life and work, scientists keep looking for new drugs and better ways of curing the existing ailments and conditions. However, there are resistances to the pathogenic microorganisms, which occur due to high usage of antimicrobial drugs. This is a major cause of various clinical problems especially in treating infectious diseases. Resistance to antibiotics happens in virtually the whole of the pharmacological industry such as in food, agriculture and medical industries. Study on the antimicrobial activity and the lethality in brine shrimp helps to evaluate the in vitro activity of the antimicrobial and the toxicity found in the brine shrimp and on the extracts of Zeyheria tuberculosis (Vell), Bur.


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