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Communications 3 Pages

Zara's Project


Midterm Project:

 Before conducting any major data science project or knowledge discovery research, a good first step is to acquire a robust dataset to work with. One of the benefits of the social media explosion that has taken place in recent years is that with it has come a profusion of large, free, open data sets, often accompanied by graph/network information and large amounts of metadata. If you’re interested in text analytics, graphical models, computer vision, or just need a huge amount of data to stress test your new algorithm/procedure, social media data can be a great resource.

However, not all social media data is created equal, however. Whether a particular dataset is a good match for your project depends on what kind of relationships you want to model. Probably the most obvious differentiator between social networks is whether their relationships are directed (think follower/followee on Twitter) or undirected (think friends on Facebook). Depending on the type of model you want to use, and the question you want to ask, this can be relevant and you should consider this when choosing a dataset.

Another important criterion to remember is the specific constraints placed on the data based on the particular social media site in question. For example, Twitter artificially imposes a 140 character limit on tweets that can make tasks like sentiment analysis and parts of speech tagging challenging, though there are some tools designed specifically for these challenges. Just make sure to keep these restrictions in mind before committing to a dataset.


Please prepare a 10 minute individual presentation that answers the following questions:

  • Think of a social media research project you might want to conduct.  Describe the project.
  • What are the characteristics you would look for in a dataset to assist with this project?
  • Now where would you get such datasets? Identify possible datasets.
  • Discuss why these dataset(s) are acceptable

Title: Zara's Project
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Zara's Project

The social media project that I would like to conduct is on the use of Twitter by professional employees. Social media is an important platform today that many people make use of in their daily interactions. People from all occupations find it crucial to utilize the social platforms as a tool for engaging their minds whenever they find some free time. Therefore, they are in a position to express their views in the best way possible. One of the most important social platforms is Twitter. It has a large number of users in the world. It is an important tool for the interaction of people from different parts of the world. The use of Twitter is becoming increasingly popular in the world today. Therefore, it is one of the best social media platforms to carry out research about because it guarantees enough information for the essence of carrying out a literature review.


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