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Poetry 4 Pages

‘Your Laughter’ By Pablo Neruda


"Your Laughter" - Poem by Pablo Nerude 

Explain Poem: Paragraph by Paragraph. MLA format, with 5 Sources. 

Can use Dictionary, Journal Articles, Data Basis, Informed Research, Academic Search sites.

  1. Explain what the poem means, read line by line tell how it gets its meaning. . 
  2. Explain the text achieves with the particular meaning by looking at the poetry terminology elements. Example: This poem has the poetic devices of: metaphors, Symbolism, Similes, Imagery & All iteration, The theme is love, opinion & context, and interesting observations & explain each that is used. (refer to the poem) . 
  3. It has to be at least 1,000 words for the Essay

Title: ‘Your Laughter’ By Pablo Neruda
Length: 4 pages (1201 Words)
Style: MLA


‘Your laughter’- by Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda’s poem 'Your laughter' is one of the pieces worth reading by any poetry reveler. Each line, in the poem, on its own brings out a touching artistic experience. The poet takes you to his world and back with much ease. The man in the poem has faced a lot of struggles yet pulls through them by just his lover’s laughter. It is a symbolic poem embedded in metaphors and love as the overriding theme.

The first stave, with just three lines, manages to paint a captivating beginning for the poem. In stanza 1 to 3, the speaker gives his beloved the freedom to take away his food and even deny him the air he breathes but allow him the sound of her laughter in his ears “Take bread away from me, if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter”. Neruda makes his beloved’s laughter as important as his life would be ("Your Laughter Poem by Pablo Neruda - Poem Hunter"). Besides, Food and air are basic human requirements.

In the second stanza, he brings into light his dependence on what comes along with the laughter. Neruda asks his beloved not to rid of him whatever her laughter brings. He does not want her to take back her rose. Neither does he want her to deny him her joy, which gives rise to a wave and silver waters in her face. 

In the third paragraph, Neruda portrays his troubled life. He says that all his life has been a struggle. He complains of the same earth, which is an expression of boredom, exhaustion, and a burdened man. However, he negates this with the fact that his beloved’s laughter gives him a different perspective on life, that seems to rise into the sky in search of him, and opens doors to his life ("Your Laughter by Pablo Neruda –allpoetry").


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