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English 101 2 Pages

Yoga And The Eating Disorder


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Reading Checklist:

  •  General Reading
  • Did my attitude carry over to the reading of this article?
  • How does my attitude toward reading color my experience with this article?
  •  Comprehension of the Text
  • What was my prior knowledge about the subject of the article?
  • Did I understand the main message of the text? What is it? Did I agree or disagree or remain neutral to the core message of the text? Why? What in my way of thinking leads me to the conclusions I reached about the text? Experiences in the past? Ideas in the present? Something else?
  • Was there a first place in the text that made me lost?
  • Why did I have a hard time understanding the text in this place?
  • What did I do to help my comprehension in that spot: What were my strategies? Look up a word? Reread the passage? Go back and read what came before? Read on further looking for context? Do some outside research to check the ideas? Nothing? Something else?
  • Were there other spots where I became lost and what did I do on those occasions?
  • Why did I have a hard time understanding the text in these places?
  • Do I have a tendency to give up on texts (or other things) I have a hard time understanding?
  •  Reactions to the Text
  • How did I approach this text? Curious about the topic? Receptive to the article’s message or argument? Not caring either way? Read because I had to and didn’t like it? Some combination of the above? Something else?
  • What was the first part of the text I reacted to in any way?
  • What was the reaction?
  • Why did I react that way? Experiences in the past? Ideas in the present?
  • In what other places did I react to the text? What were the reactions and why did I react that way?
  • What can I relate to in the text and why do I relate to it?
  • What don’t I relate to in the text and why don’t I relate to it?
  • What did I do if I got bored with the text or started reading the words without really thinking about what they mean?



Title: Yoga And The Eating Disorder
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Yoga and the Eating Disorder

I have not always been an ardent enthusiast of literature or anything of similar discipline which involves a lot of reading and consequent analysis. On the contrary, my scope has been captured by imagery – movies and pictures – than words scribbled down for comprehension. This could possibly be the reason why, upon undertaking to read the story on Kelly and the demerits of yoga if not well manned, I felt a looming boredom that was however short lived. It is also plausible to say that I approached this text cynically rather than analytically, as it should have been from the start.


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