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WW II, The Post-War Settlement, and Its Discontents
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Ww Ii, The Post War Settlement, And Its Discontents


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Title: Ww Ii, The Post War Settlement, And Its Discontents
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WW II, The Post-War Settlement, and Its Discontents

The end of the World War II signified the beginning of tough times for most of the countries that had actively participated in it. These nations were faced with situations that required immediate response in order to ensure that they were able to rebuild themselves socially, economically, and politically. During the war, they had undergone severe losses leading to reduced manpower that would have helped steer the economy forward. 

The conflict had also led to the destruction of industries and factories which rendered people jobless. In countries such as Japan, the effects were so severe that they had to outsource labor from other countries in order to meet the increasing needs for the market. The period, furthermore, led to appropriate economic stimulus programs being initiated by these countries in order to save themselves. The post war era also led to the emergence of various bodies such as the United Nations which helped ensure global unity and foster peace among the countries. 

In essence, the United Nations was formed to prevent the outbreak of another war. To achieve this, there was need to enhance societal integration. This would help create an enabling environment that would easily allow for trading activities. Due to the limited manpower resulting from the war, various countries and, in particular the United States,saw the need to empower the remaining population in order to guarantee maximum production in its industries. 

The nation, therefore, passed various acts which allowed for increased government participation on matters relating to the country’s workforce. For instance, the were would now be able to engage in collective bargaining making them feel valued and appreciated by the government.


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