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Writing to the Courts Assignments
Criminal law 8 Pages

Writing To The Courts Assignments


Writing to the Courts Assignments

Describe a motion that would be filed in court. For what purpose would such a motion be filed? What are the ramifications of such a motion?

DQ2 Due Monday 09/28/15

What are some of the strategic purposes of filing motions as an attorney? 

Discovery Motion Essay

Prepare a 750 word essay describing the rules concerning a motion of limity in your jurisdiction. This would include the format and filing of such a motion. How does persuasive writing impact such motions?


Title: Writing To The Courts Assignments
Length: 8 pages (1200 Words)
Style: APA


Part 1

A motion has been defined as either an oral or written request that is made to the court ruling. In other cases, it could be identified as an order that can be made before, during or after a trail has taken place in court. It has been provided that, in court a motion can be made by any party that is involved in the case in court. Hence, the provisions alienate any individual who has not been named in the case, for example, a witness. 

An example of a motion that the paper will discuss is the following. During the tail, the judge puts across a ruling that part of the witness testimony is not relevant to the particular case in court. In relation to this, an individual involved in the case will make a motion asking that the unacceptable testimony be eliminated from the courts recorded.  Such a motion would be filed for the following purposes. It would be appropriate to ensure that the testimony is officially deleted.  It is to avoid the testimony from being raised again in the trial (Bastiat, 2012).


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