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Geography 4 Pages

World Geography Russia


Answer the following questions 

1)  Looking at the resources, how do they affect the standard of living?

2)  How has the history of the region shaped what the cultures are today?

3)  What aspects of the region (religion, government, natural environment, etc.) have the greatest effect on the people?


Title: World Geography Russia
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


The number of natural resources available in a country affects the living standards of the people living in the country. The countries in the Excel file with more resources have people with lower life expectancy than the nations with a larger number of natural resources. The case of Armenia and Russia is evident in the paper. Minerals like oil and petroleum are very expensive and highly contribute to the GDP of the country as well as the revenues from the sales. Such countries are highly populated since they have enough resources for the population. The literacy level of such countries is high and since the government is able to offer education to the population. The per capita GDP is higher in countries with the large number of resources when compared to the countries with the small amounts of resources. Armenia


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