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Workplace Diversity


The paper for this class is a five page minimum, and seven page maximum ORIGINAL paper on "Diversity for the 21st Century” and include a cover page and reference page. The paper needs to have a minimum of three professional references (one must come from a professional journal). The paper should be written following the APA 6th edition found in the online library.

Each paper should be thoughtful, answer a specific question about diversity issues as related to this course, and be "original" in thought. A paper that answers a specific question will be more likely to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts explored in this course and your ability to apply these concepts in thinking about the world in which you exist.


Title: Workplace Diversity
Length: 6 pages (1489 Words)
Style: APA


Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workplace refers to having workers from a wide range of backgrounds working in the same organization (Algahtani, 2013). This includes different sexes, races, ethnicity, physical ability, sexuality, religion, work experience, educational background among other variances. Cultural diversity refers to people from different cultures working within the same organization. This is a common trend in most countries due to immigration. Other countries are also made up of different ethnic societies, and all have to be integrated into the system without discrimination. Therefore, in one way or another, the issue of cultural diversity is a common issue in the corporate world (Konan, 2010). Diversity involves both the way people perceive themselves and how they perceive others in the workplace. The interactions between different individuals are influenced by their perceptions of each other. For an organization to function properly amid diversity, the human resource sector has to deal effectively with issues such as communication, change, and adaptability. According to research, diversity in the workplace will increase greatly over the coming years. Therefore, for an organization to become successful without issues brought about by diversity, they have to allocate resources towards dealing with the issue of diversity among employees.


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