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Workers’ Compensation Analysis


Read the Article by Dr. Spurlock, " lN, KY and TN: The Elusive Safety-Related Misconduct Defense for Workers' Comp Cleims," published in the Fall
201J/Winter 2012 edition of the American Bar Association's Tort Trial and
Insurance Practice Specialty's Workers' Comp and Employer's Liability Committee
Newsletter, After reading the article, construct a chart that compares the following issues in each of the states covered by the article:

  1. Degree of employee culpability in the safety misconduct [characterization of
    employee behavior and/or mental state) necessary for the defense to be
  2. Requisite communication of safety rules, policies, etc., for defense viability.
  3. If successfully raised, what is the effect of the defense on the employee's
  4. What is necessary to show to raise the defense if it involves being under the
    influence of drugs/alcohol.

Title: Workers’ Compensation Analysis
Length: 1 pages (326 Words)
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Degree of Employee Culpability
Employee is said to have violated the safety rules if he knew about the rules but decided to go against them.
Employee is deemed to be at fault when he intentionally fails to adhere to the employer’s safety measures.
Employee is said to be at fault if there is evidence to proof that he willfully violated the safety rules.

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