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Management 6 Pages

Work Priorities And Personal Development



Using your current role and workplace or a management role you have had in a previous workplace, prepare a written report addressing the following issues.


If you have not worked before, conduct research on the first management role that you think you will get, and based your paper on this role.

  1. Your time management skills: discuss how you have been managing your time and what the impacts have been. Are you intending to change the way you work? How and why?
  2. How do you set and meet expectations as a manager? What expectations do you have for yourself and others and are they realistic and achievable?
  3. How do you personally measure success in the workplace and in your personal life? What have you done in the past and what will you do in the future? Why and how is measuring success important to you?
  4. What responsibilities do you have in both your work and personal life? How well do you feel you meet these responsibilities?
  5. What goals do you have for the future? Discuss them in terms of SMART principles.
  6. What type of person are you in the different facets of your life and how well do you think you know yourself? Discuss your personal strengths and weaknesses in response to the tools in your learning material. How accurate do you think they are?’
  7. How do you intend to address any weaknesses and foster any strength you feel you have? This discussion should link to the goals you have indicated already in this report.
  8. Where do you think your work goals sit within any of the motivational models offered in the learning material?

Your report paper is intended to provide an overview of yourself as an individual in your personal and work life and to give you the opportunity to reflect on how your strengths and weaknesses impact aspects if your life


Title: Work Priorities And Personal Development
Length: 6 pages (2127 Words)
Style: MLA


Work Priorities and Personal Development

Answer 1: Time Management Skills

In both the personal and professional context, I believe I possess good time management skills that have enabled me to succeed in personal and professional grounds. This is based on the ability to set clear goals with timelines and strict deadlines (Brown & Robert 4). Goals need to be broken down into discreet steps to ensure a balance of time and activities in daily life (Barner 6). After every step, I try to review the progress to check if I am on time, ahead of time, or behind schedule. This is important to give the way forward on strategies that need to be taken to balance time and activities. This demonstrates my skill of action planning involving the balance of what needs to be done, what is being done, and what is to be done. Setting priorities is important in that matter because it helps to ensure that all the areas are equitably covered.

             Another skill that is important in time management that I belief to possess is the ability to organize my work schedule. Proper organization needs one to start by listing roles in the order of their priority to remind me what needs to be done at a particular time (Henwood 12).


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