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Women And Professional Sports


Write a paper on why women should be allowed to participate in  the professional sports that does not currently involve them.


Title: Women And Professional Sports
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Style: MLA


Women and Professional Sports

Sport is one of the most recognized extracurricular activities globally. In many developed and developed countries, children start participating in sports as early as they know how to walk. There are countries where kids start specializing in sports while still at a tender age. However, there is a controversy in that some of the professional and international sports are linked to the males. Despite women participating in some of the international sports such as athletics, there are still professional sports that does not get involve women participation. In the early days, women used to be discriminated in that they could not participate in works associated with men. In some cultures, women used to be associated with simple tasks such as home chores and bringing up of kids. In the current world, most of the countries have overcome the mentality of gender discrimination and have involved the female genders in more technical and involving jobs. This paper is a research proposal that will be aimed at outlining the reasons why women should be allowed to participate in the professional sports that does not currently involve them.


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