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Winners And Losers In The Global Economy


Use Dicken’s framework to analyze the winners and losers in the global economy.


Title: Winners And Losers In The Global Economy
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
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Winners and Losers in the Global Economy

In recent times, economic activities and trade around the world have increasingly been integrated. Thus, there has been a kin interest in the aspect of regional intergration and liberalization of the global market. The global economy, correspondingly, has brought about market efficiency, but as many would argue, there have been winners and losers among individuals.The notion of winners and losers is so natural in mankind because everyone competes for the limited resources available. Therefore, countries that are strategically located in the global market will reap the benefits of a wider market that the intergrated world offers. Accordingly, they will experience favourable balance of trade, and, as a result, the strategic loaction. Delving into the topic of concern, it is important to point out what being a winner or, otherwise, a loser in the global economy refers to. Admittedly, a winner is a person or entity that benefits from an economic activity, while a loser is a person or entity that encounters a loss after engaging in an economic activity.


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