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Wildlife On Great Lakes


Write a literature review about wildlife on the great lakes.


Title: Wildlife On Great Lakes
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Wildlife on Great Lakes


The Great Lakes form the largest fresh water body all over the world with over 10,000 miles of shoreline. The Great Lakes is big enough to cover the whole of Utah and spread over Connecticut and Rhone Island. Together, Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, cover nearly a fifth of the surface freshwater on earth (Wydeven, Van Deelen, & Heske, 2009). The Great Lakes has a tremendous impact on the climate as well as the species found within the region. European explorers accessed most of North America using the Great Lakes, creating a potential route to the Pacific Ocean (Wydeven, Van Deelen, & Heske, 2009). The Great Lakes has undergone massive transformation into a major industrial area as the shipping ports make it among the busiest in the world.


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