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English 101 3 Pages

Why Video Games Are Good For People And Not Bad


Persuasive (Policy) Speech

Time: 3-5 minutes

In this speech you will argue for or against some policy or course of action. This speech can be to seek immediate action from your audience (ex. Healthcare: A right or a privilege or Illegalization of cell phone use while driving: Citizens right vs. Safety) or this speech can seek agreement from your audience that something should be done (ex. Cigarette smoking should be banned in all public areas in Tomball).

Note that this is not a direct motivational “sales” speech for a product or service. For example, you are not here to persuade your audience to buy an iPhone or to take a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. This speech is about creating a policy for the public interest. The word “should” will appear in your proposition statement if written correctly.

Your speech will contain Claim(s) of Policy that recommends a specific course of action. Your task is to convince your classmates that their interests—political, economic, educational, moral, etc.—will be served if your policy is adopted. Consequently, you must be sure you adapt your proposition to your audience to be effective and successful.

Organizing and Outlining the Policy Speech

Although it first may appear difficult, organizing and outlining your policy speech is quite simple. Your assignment requires you to use a policy proposition (the “should” statement) as the thesis, and you need to persuade the audience that there is a problem with the present system that should be changed.

The easiest way to organize your speech may be to use the Problem-Solution method of organization. Below find examples of two possible speeches organized according to the Problem-Solution method. Here is what your outline should contain:

Policy Speech to seek Immediate Action:

Thesis statement: The NBA draft should be changed so that athletes like you aren’t tempted to throw away their opportunity for an education.

Nature of the problem (explain why it’s a problem, for whom, etc.): The NBA draft should be revamped so that college-age athletes are not tempted to drop out of school. (Need/Problem)

Reasons for the problem (identify causes, incidence): The NBA’s present policies lure young athletes to pursue unrealistic goals of superstardom while weakening the quality of the game with immature players.

Description of Proposed Solution (offer way to overcome): The NBA draft needs to adopt a minimum age of twenty.

Provide evidence of your solutions feasibility (tell why your solution will work): National leagues in countries X and Y have done this successfully.


Make sure that you have submitted your topic idea and obtained instructor approval. This is worth 5 pts. of your speech. . If you have not obtained approval & your speech is not appropriate, 20 pts. will be deducted on the speech day. Be prepared to deliver your speech on the day ASSIGNED. Our tight class schedule does not allow time for make-ups but emergency make-ups may be permitted at instructor discretion.

Select a topic about which you are already a “mini-expert.” The more narrowly you can focus your topic, the better.

Do additional research on your topic. You must provide a typed “Works cited” page MLA style with at least 3 sources. The sources must be reputable (not from Wikipedia). Only ONE reference can be taken from the Internet. The others must come from the college research database. You will cite each of your sources verbally in the speech.

Prepare a typed outline of your speech. This is worth 5 pts. of your speech. You can use this outline to prepare your notecards that you will use when you deliver your speech.

You must have a VISUAL AID. You are REQUIRED to have a set of slides using a presentational software (i.e. PowerPoint or Prezi) to accompany your speech. This can be used as your Visual aid or you can use an additional Visual Aid. You should include graphs, charts and statistics when appropriate. Visual images can also be very effective in creating and reinforcing pathos (emotional appeal).


Title: Why Video Games Are Good For People And Not Bad
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA



Thesis statement

Therefore, the good of video games should be embraced and taken advantaged of instead of constant complaints about it because at the end of it all, isn’t it here to stay?

Nature of the problem

If we restrict video games shouldn’t we restrict all the other forms of art? Video games offer people the opportunity to be creative and innovative. We should all therefore learn to appreciate this great art called gaming which has been done through a wall of fame for it just like all the other arts. S. Scott in his article on the importance of video game history (2010) he says“Music has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Visual arts have the Met, Louvre and Guggenheim. Radio and TV have the Museum of Broadcast Communications”. We can then add and say Video games have the international video game hall of fame and museum.


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