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Why Is Pluto A Dwarf Planet?


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Title: Why Is Pluto A Dwarf Planet?
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Why is Pluto a dwarf planet?

Pluto, the ninth and the smallest planet in our solar system was discovered in 1930 by an American astronomer. For long, Pluto has been a controversial planet with various schools of thoughts claiming that it is not a planet. Pluto is also referred to as a dwarf planet or plutoid due to its small size nature. Dwarf planets are indeed so small that they cannot clear obstacles in their paths. Pluto’s characteristics differ from those of other planets in that its orbit is an oval shaped path which means that there are points in the orbit where Pluto is nearer to the sun than other times. In addition to this, the size of Pluto is much smaller than other planets, and this contributes to the controversy surrounding Pluto on whether it can be termed a planet or not.


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