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Why, And How, Has The Eiffel Tower Become Such A Beloved Global Icon


Try to submit a ca. 400 word essay in response to each of the three questions of this exam. You can use any available sources to find answers. However, be sure to acknowledge from where you got information and clues used in your answers. Try to be as complete and convincing as you can be.

For each answer, formulate a thesis and support this thesis with convincing and believable arguments.

You have two hours to complete this exam, and two attempts at submitting it.

Question 1:Describe what feelings and emotions a viewer can experience when he/she is inside the Wies church and takes in all that one can see there.?

Question 2:Why, and how, has the Eiffel Tower become such a beloved global icon?

Question 3:Give a complete stylistic analysis of the Karlskirche in Vienna. List everything on the outside of this building that can be defined as belonging to the vocabulary of style and explain what all these parts mean.?


Title: Why, And How, Has The Eiffel Tower Become Such A Beloved Global Icon
Length: 4 pages (1176 Words)
Style: MLA


Exam Questions

Describe the feelings and emotions an observer can experience when inside the Wies Church and all that one can see there?

The Wies Church, or the Wieskirche, is among the most important and significant places located in southern Germany. The church is situated between Wildsteig on the Romantic Road and Steingaden. It stands out as one of the most spectacular and famous worked of the Rococo period of art and architecture and with its location being close to the Romantic Road, and also close to other attraction such as the passion play ensures its popularity. However, the art inside the church as well as its architect also add greatly to its popularity.  The feelings revealed ones you are in the church entail nothing short of religious wonder. The rococo art inside the church is filled with serenity, and it brings this feeling that can only be explained as having the potential to remove the depressing moods one may have had on entering the church.  In a general sense, the interior of the church contains features that treasure spiritual sensation and religious fulfillment. The arts in the church’s interior are filled with features that bring out fillings that go as deep as in a personal level. They also trigger feelings and reactions that involve fulfillment.


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