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Whites/European Americans Diversity In Organizations


chapter 7: Whites/European Americans

Bell, Myrtle P. (2011-05-17). Diversity in Organizations (Page iv). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition. 

Read chapter and provide a brief and concise summary of the key points and reaction to the chapter.

Identify and summarize the key concepts/facts/issues from the chapter (2-3 slides - 20%) providing your own insights e.g. What did you learn that you did not know about this identity group? What surprised you most about this identity group? Why?

What informed and or challenged what you already believed? 

How would you use the information from the chapter as a manager? (2-3 slides - 50%). 

Try to integrate concepts/facts/issues from other chapters and class discussions/ activities. 

Provide one example from a recent newspaper/journal/magazine article or a video clip (news report, TV show, movie etc.) that illustrate facts, concepts or issues discussed in the chapter. 

Summarize and discuss the fact, concept/issue that you are illustrating from the chapter with your example and include references. (10%)

Pose two thought-provoking discussion questions related to the chapter. (10%)


Title: Whites/European Americans Diversity In Organizations
Length: 2 pages (631 Words)
Style: MLA


Whites/European Americans

  • Summary of Key Concepts/Facts in the Chapter

The chapter begins with a brief history of whites in the United States. White ethnic groups in the country faced overt discrimination in places of work and other public amenities. The major victims of discriminate included German, Irish, Polish, and Italian immigrants (Bell 224). The white immigrants were viewed as unintelligent, immoral, dirty, and dishonest. They were segregated in many public areas and in the workplace.  Certain jobs were only reserved for certain white ethnic groups and not others. Italians were perceived as having the tendency to engage in criminal activities. Education, earnings, and employment were also different for the different white ethnic groups.


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