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Philosophy 1 Page

White Privilege


Argument Outline Assignment

Purpose: To explain, in outline form, an argument from one of the articles we have read.

Audience: Someone who has not read the article and doesn’t have a lot of time. So, they need to be able to understand the argument at a glance.


Choose one argument from the article to present in an outline of a page or less.

Choose 2 or 3 headings that capture the main idea of the argument you chose.

Write 2 or 3 bullet points to explain the heading. One of these bullet points can be a quotation, but the should mostly be in your own words.

Supply a properly formatted bibliography, either APA or MLA.


Title: White Privilege
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: Turabian


White Privilege

  • White privilege is a term that describes privileges accorded to the white individuals in western countries. Those privileges are not experienced by non-white people even though they live under similar social, political and economic circumstances as the whites.
  • The book describes the origin of the white people, how races were segregated, the effects of segregation, and how the system of white privilege could be corrected.
  • The book is a must read for those who want to understand why the American society is as it is and more so, why the lives of non-whites is hardly improving[1].

White privilege, the power of the past

  • During the dark era of slavery and colonization, the white people argued that there is something in being white that placed them at the top of social class while the blacks were meant to be at the bottom of social class.
  • Skin color determined the kind of job one could get, where they lived, their housing conditions among other things.
  • In order to maintain their white supremacy, the white leaders criminalized intermarriages between whites and non-whites.
  • Segregation has been the main reasons why the blacks in the USA continue to languish in poverty, diseases and drugs while their fellow whites prosper economically[2].

[1] Paula S. Rothenberg, White privilege. (Place of publication not identified: Worth Pub, 2015), 15.

[2] Paula S. Rothenberg, White privilege. (Place of publication not identified: Worth Pub, 2015), 29.


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