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Management 10 Pages

What Is Your Level Of Self Esteem?


This assignment will worth a big part of my final grade, so please follow the instructions carefully and do your best.

This Portfolio is for Management class, and the class is about Organizational Behavior and Communication.

You will need to do 2 separate parts for this assignment.

The ‘Portfolio’ has 2 sections:

- First: Self Assessments (I attached 8 self-assessments)

- Second: Reflective Papers

During the portfolio development process, each student will identify, research, reflecting upon, and write about critical management topics, as well as identifying areas of personal importance to him/herself as a manager.  Each student will formulate and articulate coherent stances, determine how these stances can be translated into practice, indicate ways to evaluate their effectiveness and set goals and plan actions for improvement in each area.

(1) Self-Assessments – You will need first to rank your self on the questions of each self-assessments. And then for each self-assessment, you will need to write a ½ page response to your result, and answer the discussion questions for the self-assessment.

(2) Reflective Papers – write 4 essays summarizing your own views about the following topics  - leadership, motivation, decision-making and ethics.  Each essay must be separate from the other essays, and each essay should be 1 and half page each. Your summarizing must be from your view of these topics. Try as much as you can to make the paper interesting!

The self-assessments in the text are as follows:

What Is Your Level of Self-Esteem?    p. 64

What Is Your Guiding Ethical Principle?    p. 93

Core Skills Required in Strategic Planning    p. 185

What Is Your Decision-Making Style?    p. 224

How Adaptable Are You?    p. 333

What Is Your Conflict-Management Style?    p. 436

Assessing Your Leader–Member Exchange    p. 470

What Is Your Most Comfortable Learning Style?    p. 506


Title: What Is Your Level Of Self Esteem?
Length: 10 pages (2750 Words)
Style: MLA


Self Assessments

What Is Your Level of Self-Esteem? 

I agree with the assessment because it has given me a self-esteem level of 65%. It means I have confidence in myself and I am sure of what I do. I am always satisfied with what I do and get affirmation from it. Additionally, it is an indication I have accepted who I am and cannot deny myself the chance of being happy or engaging in activities that make me happy. Nonetheless I accept the fact that I am not perfect which is characterized by some self-doubting moments. 


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