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What Is Good Design?


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Title: What Is Good Design?
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What is Good Design?

According to (Mace 9), a good design is one that is sustainable. Sustainability is defined as the development that meets the current requirements without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need. Sustainability in the design I multifaceted, there are always two sides to every critical issue surrounding what good design is (Mace 9). For sustainability to be envisioned, there must be a clearly identified goal with benefits that can be enjoyed from sustainable efforts. A good design is one that allows human beings to live a more sustainable lifestyle with the rate of plant and animal extension reducing in a downward trajectory.

It is arguably problematic to predict and design a vision of a sustainable future with a future that is so darn hard to imagine. Some institutions have partnered with organizations to map out future scenarios for the planet as well as outline possible visions of tomorrow’s designs. Some of the challenges that face real designs are economic, environmental and social with a spatial dimension (Simmons 15). Major towns and cities with poor designs are prone to suffer from population change in terms of providing good housing, energy, water resources and transportation means. It has been discovered that economic growth and development is sub- optimal and spatially unbalanced across all countries in the globe.


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