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What Impact Could Muslim Students Have On Other Students?


Required Reading: 

“Cultural identity.” Encyclopedia of Nationalism: Leaders, Movements, and Concepts. Ed. A. Motyl. Oxford, United Kingdom: 2000. n. pag. Web. 17 September 2015. Cultural Identity

Audience and Purpose:

Write a paper that informs an incoming college student population about individuals of Muslims that encounter and collaborate with in college. Remember that this paper is not a narrative. You need to use reputable sources to support your points. 


Prompt: After watching a movie, a documentary or reading an article or book (online or in print) about the cultural identity of being a Muslim and conducting your own academic research, Depending on your topic, write an essay that answers one of the questions below. That topic should be one of the questions listed below. As of having the cultural identity of a Muslim in Maricopa college.

  • What assets do students who are muslims bring to the college community? 
  • What impact could Muslim students have on other students’ worldview?
  • How could the college community better meet the learning needs of Muslim students?

Title: What Impact Could Muslim Students Have On Other Students?
Length: 3 pages (928 Words)
Style: MLA


Having the Cultural Identity of a Muslim in Maricopa College

What Impact Could Muslim Students Have On Other Students?

             It is estimated that 20 percent of the global population is Muslim. The United States of America has experienced a notable growth in the Muslim population owing to the huge number of Muslims who have moved from the conflict struck areas such as Middle East, Bosnia, as well as Somalia (Kobeisy, 2004). Islam as a religion has a comprehensive view of life whereby, Muslims are allowed to acquire Religious and worldly acquaintances. There was a time when the whole world was engulfed in ignorance. This religion wholly advocated for the cultivation of knowledge from all corners.


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