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West Memphis Three


Watch two videos, Paradise lost and Paradise lost two. (found on, the links are listed below.)  These videos focus on child murders that took place in West Memphis in the persons charged with this crime are referred to as the West Memphis three.  For this exercise please write a 3 to 5 page paper outlining first what is the importance of gathering timely and correct evidence when a Police Department and its investigators are under extreme pressure from the community to make an arrest.  Is it possible for someone to give a false confession while being completely innocent of the crime?  Do you think that the role of the media played in any part on the public opinion or outcome of the trial?  How important is it not to formulate an opinion or bias too early in an investigation?  Should a person's appearance, religious beliefs or Associates play a part in their relevance as a suspect? Video 1:   video 2:


Title: West Memphis Three
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


West Memphis Three

The importance of gathering timely and correct evidence during investigations by a police department cannot be understated. It is especially important that the evidence gathered be absolutely correct when it comes to a case where the community is putting the police department under a lot of pressure to solve the case. Evidence that is gathered appropriately can lead to the rightful conviction of suspects. From the case of the West Memphis three, it is evident that pressure from the community can also greatly affect the way the police gather evidence.


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