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Health Care 3 Pages

Wellness And Health Article Review


Conduct and submit 3 reviews of current literature or research (within the last calendar year – 12 months) related to the topic of wellness and health from peer-reviewed, professional journals. Each submission will be limited to one-page and typed.


Title: Wellness And Health Article Review
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Wellness and Health Article Review

Community Health and Wellness: Primary Healthcare in Practice by Anne McMurray and 

Jill Clendon

According to (McMurray and Clendon), a major indicator of community wellness and health is the health of the children. The level of investment and the degree to which children are natured in the community proves just how much the community is aware or concerned on the health and wellness of the society. The fact that a society’s health status begins from childhood, it is important for communities to ensure that children are kept as healthy as they can be owing to the dangers and risk that children are exposed to. (McMurray and Clendon), also reiterate that communities that are at great danger of injury, low socio-economic statuses, lack of basic health services such as immunization and health information should be the priority for nurses to ensure that agencies responsible for communal health and wellness can take care of them.

(McMurray and Clendon), state that it is the responsibility of health organizations to ensure that parents and all society members are educated on healthy living lifestyles such as eating and physical activity. With a global increase in the cases of lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes and heart problems, it is imperative that the general public is educated on the detrimental effects of unhealthy living. In the journal, (McMurray and Clendon) point out that a child’s well-being depends on the family’s resources and social cohesion, access to education, biological embedding, the safety and cohesiveness of the immediate society and the adulthood lifestyles. When all these factors are positively enhanced, they contribute largely to the health and wellbeing of a child.


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