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Ways In Which Shakespeare Presents Female Characters


Discuss the ways in which Shakespeare presents female characters in Measure for Measure and in Love’s Labour’s Lost. To what extent are these characters interested in anything like what we might think of as women’s issues or women’s rights? How do these characters react or respond to the male characters in the play? More specifically, how do they respond to male desire and the ways in which they are positioned as desirable objects of pursuit? What do you think Shakespeare is trying to say about men and women in these plays? Be sure to support your answer with quotes from Shakespeare’s text.


Title: Ways In Which Shakespeare Presents Female Characters
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Discuss the Ways in Which Shakespeare Presents Female Characters

Measure for Measure

The main character traits of the women in this work are independence and courage when searching for justice. The heroine, Isabella, is able to resist Angelo’s overtures and verbally castigates him for his actions in a similar to modern women rights advocates. She does not obey the male characters in the story and does her best to maintain her sacred beliefs. Isabella says to Angelo, “having a giant’s strength but being tyrannous to use it like a giant” Act two scene two. Although men view women as property to be used in any way, the female characters refute the stereotype by fighting for their rights. Isabella portrays some masculine traits that were uncommon during that period (Evans). She


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