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Water Pollution For Zhujiang


Option One: A Local Environmental Issue. Write a short paper describing: An informative summary of an environmental issue facing you own community and the stakeholders involved. Provide a detailed background relating it to the course material and topics. Discuss the proposed or implemented solution (Do you agree with the solution?), if one has not been proposed what solution would you recommend? Conclude with your own thoughts and recommendations on the issue based on the knowledge you gained from this course.

Option Two: An Industry related Environmental Issue. Explore the Industry you are pursuing a career in. Find out what the major environmental issues within that industry are. Write a brief essay describing an important environmental issue facing your industry of choice discuss the issue in relation to the concepts studied within the course. What are the solutions or sustainability initiatives being implemented by the industry to combat that issue? You may need to narrow down your focus to one specific issue. How successful was the industry in re-mediating or resolving the issue? Conclude with your own thoughts based on the knowledge gained from the course material.

Both options require research and should be based on academically discussed. Do not write an opinion piece that is not supported by research, data, and facts.

Provide citations in APA style.

The paper should be around 5 pages long (not longer) double spaced. The reference and title pages are not counted in the 5 pages.

My topic was write about zhujiang river in Guangzhou, Chian. Southern city, those ten years change.

Focus on the water pollution problems, how it change.


Title: Water Pollution For Zhujiang
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Water Pollution Zhujiang River

China is one of the countries with a rapid growth in the economy. This rapid growth has improved the living standards of the people. However, it has also contributed to serious environmental degradation (Jackson, 2011). The pollution in China has often continued despite the efforts of the central government, which has often funded efforts of environmental conservation and supporting the efforts of the ministry of environmental protection. Pollution in China ranges from air pollution, soils and water pollution. This has led to serious climatic changes in the country as well as the formation of smog. Water pollution is an adverse problem in China due to effluents released into the rivers. This paper discusses water pollution in Zhujiang River as well as the remedies for the problem.


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