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Chemistry 2 Pages

Water As A Chemical


Write a report about water as a chemical and encompass the following in the report.

1. The chemical formula and structure. (If an ionic substance, give its
crystal structure and Lewis electron-dot structures of the ions. If a
molecular substance, give its Lewis electron-dot structure.) 

2. Physical constants such as molecular weight, melting point, boiling
point, density, and solubility (in water and in alcohol); the
electrolytic properties. 

3. The source or methods of commercial preparation. (Show the chemical

4. An alternative method of preparation, if possible (show the chemical equations) and uses of the chemical.


Title: Water As A Chemical
Length: 2 pages (623 Words)
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There are several chemical names for water but the most common one is Dihydrogen oxide and this is based on chemical nomenclature. The chemical formula is “H2O”. In forming water, there is covalent bonding of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It also exist in various phases namely solid (ice), liquid, as well as gas (water vapour). There is also a fourth water form called supercritical fluid and this is when the water does exist at critical pressure of 647 K as well as 22.064 MPa. The most common phase is the liquid (Agarwala & Lal, 2009).


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