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Walking With The Wind


Write a book review over the John Lewis  text, "Walking with the Wind: A memoir of the movement". This book review will need to cover pages 1-172 ONLY.


Title: Walking With The Wind
Length: 4 pages (1215 Words)
Style: APA


Walking with the Wind


This is a captivating story of a boy who lived in the south during a time when being black was seen as being disadvantaged. “Walking with the Wind" is a recollection of the life of a boy, turned into a man in a society where having your piece of land, and not having to depend on others felt like heaven. John Lewis adopts a simple, yet very intriguing form of writing in a bid to evoke ethos, pathos, and logos among his audience. In his view, the context of the book, during the sixties, America underwent numerous changes socially, the main being through the civil rights movement.


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