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Walking Program


Create a walking program assignment.

Exercise must be at least 30 minutes long, number of days is your choice (recommend at least 5 days)

Must detail what exercise routine is for the 30 minutes

Program will be scheduled for 6-weeks

Can include jogging if wish to but only in the last 2 weeks of program

Prefer assignment done in Excel, calendar type format, can write additional information at top or bottom

BE SPECIFIC about activities


0-1 Warm up, walk on heels 30 seconds, walk on toes 30 seconds

1-4 Walk at easy pace

4-6 Walk at moderate pace

6-7 March, lifting knees higher than hips

7-10 Walk at brisk pace

10-11 Walk, kicking heels toward butt

11-14 Walk at brisk pace

14-24 Repeast minutes 4-14

24-27 Walk at moderate pace

27-30 Cool down, walk at easy pace


Title: Walking Program
Length: 1 pages (405 Words)
Style: MLA


Walking program


This is a six weeks walking program for a good body exercise. The weeks have been grouped into three. The exercises for week one should be repeated until the two weeks are over. On weekly basis, the exercise will be done for five days of the week. Each dayhas its own activity which will be carried out for thirty (30) minutes in the morning.


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