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Virtues Possesed By Artists And Architects


1. What is integrity? Why is it important to architects and artist?

2. What is a value system? How does it guide architects and artists?

3. Discuss some introductory ideas about the design process. How should an architect proceed?

4. What are constraints? How do they affect the design process?

5. What is the value of simplicity in design?

6. How is process related to design ?

7. What are some goals of structural engineer?

8. What is one way to effectively increase the strength to weight ration of a form?

9. Why is weight reduction important in structures?

10. What are some of the historical roots of the modern movement in architecture?

11. Who are some early artists, architects and thinkers that pioneered ideas about modernism?

12. What are the values of modernism?

13. Is modernism a disciplined or arbitary practice when it comes to design?

14. What are some of the social goals of modernism?

15. Why use 90 degree angles in designing a space?

16. How does a diagonal relate to the composition of a space that is at 90 degrees?

17. What have you learned or discovered about symmetry and asymmetry?

Title of the book:

Architectural Design I by Daniel Abbott


Title: Virtues Possesed By Artists And Architects
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


 Integrity is the virtue of possessing the quality of honesty and upholding strong moral sentiments. The qualities assist architects and artists in fixing the standards required to meet perfection in the duties they execute. The value system is a series of reliable personal, cultural, and ethical values that guide the architects and artists by enabling them to have rational thoughts. The thoughts direct them towards the problem that needs a solution. Their intelligence, cool and calm nature will assist them to design quality and appealing structures. The process of designing requires that the architect understands the stated problem and finds the possible answer to it. Constraints are the factors that slow down the process of designing. When the architects do not have a clear comprehension of the stated problem, they will have difficulties in designing the solution. Simplicity in design brings about meaningful ideas that are easy to comprehend (Abbott 21).


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