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Philosophy 4 Pages

Violent Video Games


Write a paper that is roughly 2000 words. Take one of the three moral theories (utilitarianism, deontology,virtue/care ethics). Evaluate the issue about violent video games in light of the theory. Build an argument either for or against some aspect of the topic stemming from the theoretical perspective.

The paper should include:

1. An introduction paragraph that tells the reader what your thesis and plan for the paper is. A thesis  statement should be concise,direct,and clear. For example, "In this paper I will argue that from a Utilitarian standpoint every individual has the responsibility to recycle. To do this I will first ..."

2. A section that describes the basics of the theory you have chosen.

3. A section where you apply the theory to the topic to argue for/against some practice.

4. A section where you consider an objection to your view (explain why someone would disagree with your position), and then respond to this objection.

5. A conclusion where you summarize what you have done in the paper.


Title: Violent Video Games
Length: 4 pages (2200 Words)
Style: MLA


Violent Video Games


Video games are games played by manipulating images generated by a computer program or other electronic display device. There are many types of video games that one can indulge in. They include puzzles, adventure, action, races among others. In the US about 97 percent of children, both boys and girls, of the age between 8-18 years are conversant with these video games and it is estimated that they spend 7-8 hours in a day in entertainment media which includes playing video games. With the development in technology, video games have become accessible on the internet, video game shops, mobile phones, and generally the media. In the recent times video game developers have come up with games that promote violence, and some of these games end up in the hands of minors who end up emulating the games in real life. Such interaction with violent video games among the teenagers has had an adverse impact on their behavior. The video game designers can be regarded as individuals who are after profits and are not worried of the negative influence such games have on their audience and especially the young population. They, therefore, put their self-interest before the welfare of the community. This paper seeks to analyze the adverse impacts of violent video games using care of ethics theory as the basis for the argument. To do this, the paper will look at the basics of care ethics and how the theory applies in violent video games as well as objections that are likely to be made on this line of thought.


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