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Violation Of Human Rights In Latin America Specific In Mexico


Write an overview about the violation of human rights in Latin America


Title: Violation Of Human Rights In Latin America Specific In Mexico
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Violation of Human Rights in Latin America in General and in Mexico in Particular

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights outlines the various inalienable rights that human beings are supposed to enjoy. The charter states that all beings have a right to dignity, as well as equal treatment in the world (Donnelly 34). The various states that are members of the United Nations are expected to adopt and implement the charter and uphold these human rights. It is the responsibility of each state to ensure that human rights are upheld within its boundaries. Failure to respect this might result in interventions from the United Nations. In spite of this charter, human rights have not always been observed in all states. For instance, there has been a significant history of human rights violations in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. This paper aims to examine these violations by focusing on Mexico since 1930. However, a brief overview of other Latin American countries with regards to human rights violations is necessary to get a context.

The area commonly referred t o as Latin America is made up of twenty sovereign countries. These countries share a similar history over the years, especially with regards to human rights issues. In Cuba, the revolution of 1959, which launched the Fidel Castro’s regime, held a new era of human rights abuses (Donnelly 56). The new regime launched into retributions against the previous regime, and many people were hastily tried, imprisoned, exiled, or executed. The government maintains a tight control over the society and does not allow room for dissent (Simmons 72). This means that there is a lack of fundamental freedoms of the congregation, religious worship, and expression.


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