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Philosophy 4 Pages



1. In your own words, provide a concise formulation of Utilitarianism. In particular, explain the reasons Bentham and Mill give in support of it. In your own words, provide a concise formulation of Kant’s deontological ethics. In particular, explain the role of the Categorical Imperative in Kantian ethics. In light of the criticisms offered of both accounts, which account is more plausible? Explain why. (70 marks.)

2. Ethical Egoism maintains that one ought to act in accordance with one’s own self-interest. In your own words, provide Rand’s argument in support of Ethical Egoism. Explain Medlin’s response to Rand’s argument. Do you agree with Medlin’s response? Explain why or why not. (30 marks.)

There are two part of this assignment, when you write this one, please mark down question 1 and question 2


Title: Utilitarianism
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA



Utilitarianism is a normative ethics theory. It postulates that the most desired moral action is that one which maximizes utility. Utilitarianism as a form of consequentialism states that for any action the consequences are the only standards of defining the particular action as being wrong or right. Jeremy Bentham has been credited as the founder of this theory. He defined utility as the the pleasure s of an action that remain after all other associated sufferings have been compensated for. John Stuart Mill is also a big contributor to the theory. He expanded the theory in order to capture both the quantitative and qualitative aspect of pleasure.


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