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Us Supreme Court Recent Decision


The task this week is to discuss how the Supreme Court determines which cases to hear, which cases not to take, and why.

Select a recent Supreme Court case from "Recent Decisions" on the Supreme Court website and explain why the Supreme Court accepted it for adjudication (not what the case is about).


Title: Us Supreme Court Recent Decision
Length: 2 pages (612 Words)
Style: APA


US Supreme Court

In the murder case between petitioner Randy White and the respondent Roger Wheeler, the Kentucky Supreme Court accepted to adjudicate the case because it was a unique one. In the case, the lower court had passed the death penalty to the respondent. In this, the court had made the decision with respect to the federal question as to whether juror 638 was ready to consider the death penalty (US, 2015). According to his response, he was not sure whether he considered the death penalty. However, because he did not give a concrete stand regarding the death penalty as granted to the respondent, the judge and the other jurors concluded that he would consider all the penalties Since this was a conflicting agenda and it has not occurred before, the supreme court had to accept the A petition for Writ Certiorari.


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