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Upgrading To Windows Server 2012


Currently, your organization has 50 Windows 2008 Servers that are used for web services, file and print services, DNS, DHCP, and domain controllers. Your manager has asked you to write a memorandum on the following, along with your justification. Your writing will be used to make a decision whether or not to upgrade to Windows 2012. 1. Benefits of upgrading to Windows Server 2012 2. Research and list the requirements of using WDS 3. Develop a test plan for upgrading. Support your proposal by discussing and citing knowledge from the assigned readings and media along with any outside sources you may choose to bring into your writing.


Title: Upgrading To Windows Server 2012
Length: 2 pages (700 Words)
Style: APA


Upgrading to Windows Server 2012

Our organization has 50 Windows 2008 Servers used for file and print services, web services, DHCP, DNS, and domain controller. Although the organization’s Server Core installation choice may sound great, there are issues such as remote management, lack of GUI giving administrators a difficult time with a command environment and challenges in supporting .Net Frameworks and managed code. The current installation has a limited amount of features and roles. With the current Windows 2008 Server, there are problems with performing client computers network boots, performing management tasks and operations, and multicasting. 


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