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Unlocking The Car Door By Scanning A Bar Code From The Phone


What are the economic importance of automobiles.Investigate the social impact automobiles have had on a global scale and how they are affecting the world of commerce.


Title: Unlocking The Car Door By Scanning A Bar Code From The Phone
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Unlocking the Car Door by Scanning a Bar-Code from the Phone


            Think for a moment what would it be like to travel back in time, in the 14th or 15th century when the advanced technology was not even a term. A lot of things are not yet developed, and there are a lot of things that could be done for improvement. From the mind of a person living in the modern world, the way that people get their necessities back from the early centuries is very underdeveloped. The backwardness of technology that time has brought inventors and scientists to thinking. The impacts of technological innovations in construction, medical technology, food and clothes production, research and development, and transportation are so vast and multitudinous.

            The most basic and elementary definition of technology is the application of science. From the grinding of gears up to mixing chemicals and electricity, science, indeed, is being forged. However, one need not be a scientist or have a Ph.D. in modern technology to be able to arrive at an innovative technological discovery. There are people from different fields who can create simple technology with a big impact on the society. Even the simplest ideas, if acted upon, can change lives.

         The rise of technology has been recognized internationally, at different levels, by all governments. Countries, whether industrial, agricultural or commercial, the role of technology is very important. Industrial states are obviously dependent on technological innovations for increasing their economic scale. Through research and development in technology, machinery and power plants are developed into better functioning and more efficient source of production. At present, with the rising tide of ecological awareness, the trend is energy-saving and environmental-friendly technologies in production. This is to swipe away the ecological footprints release by businesses and firms. In terms of agriculture, technology also plays a crucial role. The rise of hybrid crops continues to grow at present. Advanced post-harvest facilities are constantly innovated to increase agricultural productivity. The backwardness of technology in agriculture is very detrimental to the farmers and the whole economy of a country dependent on such industry. This could be seen evidently in the Global South, where countries relying on agriculture have such underdeveloped technology. This is partly the reason why for some time, and arguably even up to now, the dominance of technocracy is still up for an intellectual debate.  


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