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United States Administration Policies


1. When and why did the United States enact the trade embargo against Cuba? Why did President Obama decide to normalize relations with Cuba? Why was he successful? What is the outlook for relaxation of US trade restrictions against Cuba?

2. Compare and contrast President Obama’s policy toward Iran with the policy of President George W. Bush? Why and how did Obama’s approach to dealing with Iran differ? How did Obama reach a nuclear agreement with Iran? 

3. Why did the United States send troops to Somalia in 1992? Were these goals achieved? Why did the Clinton administration withdraw the troops in 1994? Did American media coverage of the Somalia crisis have an impact on American public opinion? If so, to what extent did public opinion influence the administration’s decision to pull out? How did the Somalia intervention affect future US policy? 

4. What factors have influenced the Obama administration’s policy toward China? Why did the Obama administration announce a “pivot toward Asia?” How has the Obama administration handled the issues of the South China Sea dispute and the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? What explains Obama’s policies on those issues? 

5. How did President Obama’s policy toward North Korea differ from that of President George W. Bush? What accounts for the adoption of the policy of  “strategic patience?” Has this policy been successful? Why or why not? What is the significance of North Korea’s claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb? Why can’t the United States persuade China to rein in North Korea’s nuclear program?


Title: United States Administration Policies
Length: 5 pages (1503 Words)
Style: MLA


United States Administration Policies

The trade embargo against Cuba was enacted in October 1960. It restricted selling of all products from the United States to Cuba. Despite the US administration of Eisenhower having invested and regularly making trading activities between united states and Cuba, US government had to minimize the trading activities between the two countries due to the threats that the united states administration though Cuba had against the US. However, the trade embargo did not restrict all the trading transactions. Trading of food stuffs and medicine was still being done even after the trade embargo was enacted.

 According to president Obama, the restrictions casted between the United States and Cuba were false accusations made by the government the United States to Cuba. He also thought that it was unfair to trade with other states while still having trade restrictions with Cuba which is a small island compared to other states that the US have trading activities with (Drain & Michele 572).. President Obama was successful on his mission to ease the trade restrictions made between the United States and Cuba because he reasoned out with the president of Cuba to ensure that he was convinced of his willingness to trade with the US.


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