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Unfinished Business
Composition 1 Page

Unfinished Business


Pick a person in your life (out of your life) that  you need to forgive or need their forgiveness. Write them a honest heartfelt letter! You do not need to send it, you do need to turn it in. Write about your experience!


Title: Unfinished Business
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Unfinished Business

             Life is hard without a friend to lean on, share secrets and have small talks with and someone who you can look at and feel free to say whatever is on your mind. I made a huge mistake in being jealous of the peaceful life you have, and I admit it is because I was jealous. I acted childishly and did not deserve such a best friend to you who looks out for me every time and always confides in me. I cannot find any other private person to feel the void in my heart.


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