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Understanding the Global Processes
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Understanding The Global Processes


Refer to Chapter #3 of Introduction to Geography and our Additional Readings and answer the following: What are some of the examples of multi-disciplinary research on plate tectonics in our assigned readings? 

Multi-disciplinary research refers to research where many disciplines contribute observations, knowledge and concepts to understanding an issue. Why did the understanding of a global process like plate tectonics require a multi-disciplinary approach? 

In addressing these questions, consider also how technology influenced/shaped our understanding of Earth processes. Contrast Alfred Wegener’s experience with that of Harry Hess’.


Title: Understanding The Global Processes
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Understanding the Global Processes                                

Comprehending the global processes need a multi-disciplinary research approach since the concept tends to be too broad to be understood by one person (Ernst, 2000). As such, it requires various scholars to combine their ideas to bring the different notions closer to human perceptive. Some of the examples of multidisciplinary research on the plate tectonics include the proof of the hot nature of the Earth’s interior and determining the shape of the Earth. The technological advancement currently can help us elaborate these concepts better.


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