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Anthropology 6 Pages

Understanding The Concept Of Fundamentalism


Fundamentalism is a controversial term employed to describe particularly conservative interpretations of any set of practices.

 It is most commonly associated with religious forms of intolerance, including Islam.

 As there are many forms of Islam - leading some to conclude that there is no “Islam”, only “Islams” - the same can be said of “Fundamentalism”. El Feki asserts that control of sexuality is central to fundamentalism. Bennoune argues that political conservatism is functionally equivalent to religious fundamentalism. And Ballen insists that Muslims must achieve political liberties in order to minimize the influences of fundamentalism. How do you understand the concept of fundamentalism? 

Has your understanding changed as a consequence of your studies in this course? 

Why or why not? 

To illustrate your analysis, please refer to at least two of the three assigned readings from Part Three of the course: Ballen (Terrorists In Love), Bennoune (Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here) and El Feki (Sex and the Citadel)

You may also refer to any material on the course Blackboard site as well as in class viewings and discussions – however such references should be secondary to assigned materials


Title: Understanding The Concept Of Fundamentalism
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: MLA


Understanding the Concept of Fundamentalisms


In the religion and political perspectives, the term fundamentalism has been used to mean the movements or mass attitude that is built on the strict adherence to strict principles that emanate from the literal and not the adopted interpretation of doctrines, principles or the written regulations or laws. Most often in the contemporary world, fundamentalism has been associated with the Islamic terrorism and the militant Christian evangelicals and the Catholic strict followers, which form the primary religious forms of fundamentalism. However, fundamentalism is also a political phenomenon coupled with ideological view on different issues in the world.


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