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Uk Based Marketing Communication Campaign Of A Green Or Children’s Product Or Service


Students are required to write a 2,000 word (no more) critical analysis of a UK based marketing communication campaign of a green or children’s product or service of their choice and to make a recommended change if it was to run in a second country. Students may choose any green or children’s product or service but it must be currently available for sale in the UK and it must have had an active marketing communications campaign since January 2017. Advice on choosing a suitable product or service is on MOLE and students are recommended to check with either Nicki or Maddie on their choice before progressing too far with their assignment. Students will be provided with some formative feedback on their assignment during Tutorials 8 and 9.

As part of the critical analysis students must consider the mix of communications used, the different audiences being targeted, the objectives of the communications and the integration of the communications and any ethical and regulatory issues which may be appropriate. Following on from this analysis students must then provide at least one recommendation (and justification) for change if the campaign was to run in a different country.


Title: Uk Based Marketing Communication Campaign Of A Green Or Children’s Product Or Service
Length: 8 pages (2000 Words)
Style: APA


IMC campaigns have become an integral activity in the marketing depart of most organization in UK. A good example of such organizations is ToyLearn Company which deals with green children products. ToyLearn Company marketing department started utilizing the IMC started engaging in the IMC campaigns from past decade through pressure from the organization management. Since there are a number of companies in UK that deals with children products, ToyLearn Company have seen the need of utilize the IMC strategy to campaign for its children products (Kitchen, 2010, p.96). Furthermore, there has been a tremendous change in technology which has reduced the cost of IMC campaign. These two factors have made it possible for the company to invest in the IMC strategy.


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