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U.S. Systems For Health Care Delivery


Describe the Health Care Delivery Systems in the U.S.


Title: U.S. Systems For Health Care Delivery
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Health Care Delivery Systems

The earliest health care scheme in the United States of America started in 1854, by the governmental Bill, which gave asylums to the people of unsound mind, blind, and those with hearing challenges using the federal regulations. The bill was passed by both houses though Franklin Pierce, who was the president, vetoed it.  In the later days of the Civil War, a national medical care was established by the federal government that led to the building of forty hospitals, employment of one hundred and twenty physicians, and treatment of millions of sick people and slaves in the USA (McCarthy, 2014). In the twentieth century, health care delivery systems have advanced and technology is endorsed for efficiency, and it is readily available around all the states.

The current healthcare in the US is opt


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