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Types Of Characters


You have several options for this assignment, so you will need to choose one:

  • Classify the types of writers
  • Classify the types of bosses/supervisors
  • Classify the types of monsters
  • Classify the types of characters
  • Classify the types of heroes
  • Classify the types of dance
  • Classify the types of teachers
  • Classify the types of roommates
  • Classify the types of dates
  • Classify the types of mothers  

Keep in mind that these are general topics. 

You may need to further subdivide these general topics in order to have a specific enough topic for your essay.

For instance, dance may be divided into cultural dances, for one, and then even further into Mexican dances. 

Famous guitarists could be divided into rock guitarists, and then further into bass guitarists.  

Regardless of the topic you choose, you will need to identify its classifications and provide enough evidence to prove that your classifications are correct.

This evidence (details, reasons, and/or examples) needs to be corroborated by at least one other credible1 source. Failure to use a credible source for support will constitute a point deduction. 

This resource from the course will help you understand more about evaluating sources.  

Properly cite others’ ideas and language according to MLA guidelines (this resource from the course will help). 

If you use any exact words from your source, you must put those exact words in quotation marks and included a parenthetical citation. 

If you put source material into your own words (i.e., if you paraphrase), you will not need quotation marks, but you will need a parenthetical citation.

Make sure that your parenthetical citations correspond to the works cited entry.

In addition to the evidence, you must explain how the evidence you present proves that your classifications are correct.


Title: Types Of Characters
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Types of Characters


There are many different types of characters that work together to bring books, plays, and films to life. Each of them have a special role to play, and without one of them the intended impression may not be achieved (Marcuse 3). The different types of characters display varied personalities and features according to the presentation and the requirement at the moment. The characters analysed in terms of their depiction include protagonists, antagonists, developing character, flat character, round character, symbolic character, static character, foil, spear-carriers, and stock character.


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