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The review will include;

  • Introduction: Purpose of the article
  • Summary of the article
  • General Critique: You should state your opinions of how well (or poorly) the authors did their research and presented the research results in the article. Your critique can contain both positive and negative comments.
  • Highlight the importance of the article to the field of sport management and how professionals can use the information (This is the most important issue!).
  • Lastly, provide 3 easily questions for class discussion.

The typical length of the review is 1 page (Single space, Times New Roman, and 11 pt. font).

(Address more about practical implication of the study)



Title: Twitter
Length: 1 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



“Understanding Professional Athletes' Use of Twitter: A Content Analysis of Athlete Tweets” is an article that tries to talk about the importance of Twitter as a social media platform. The article’s main purpose is to help the public understand the importance of using Twitter by professional athletes. As one of the main social media platforms, it has an important role to play in divulging information to the public. Therefore, the article details a study geared towards informing people on the critical part that Twitter plays when it comes to harnessing information that professional athletes want to communicate at any time.


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