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Transoceanic Encounters And Global Connections


Provide comprehensive responses to each assignment below.

  1. In approx. 150 - 200 words examine the technological innovations that allowed for European exploration. How many of those innovations came from Europe originally? What other factors helped make sailing that far possible? 
  2. In approx. 150 - 200 words discuss the implications of the Columbian exchange. What crops and animals were being shipped back and forth? Was there a negative side to this exchange? What would be the long-term consequences? 
  3. In approx. 150 - 200 words compare the Spanish conquest of the Philippines with the Dutch conquest of Indonesia. What kind of colony emerged in each case?

Title: Transoceanic Encounters And Global Connections
Length: 2 pages (621 Words)
Style: MLA


Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections

Answer 1

 At the time of the European exploration, various tools and devices were needed to facilitate the process of transoceanic journeys. In fact, discoveries made during this era were made possible by tools ranging from navigational equipment to advanced ship designs and new type of sails. However, besides these technological innovations, knowledge of the weather and climatic patterns played a key role in facilitating the process of exploration. Additionally, many European sailors learned on the basis of their own practical experience how to construct strong ships which could withstand extreme marine conditions


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